Facilicom Group works on the
Sustainable Development Goals

With its Sustainable Development Goals, the United Nations has prepared a worldwide agenda for sustainable development. Facilicom Group also reserved a prominent place on the agenda for sustainable objectives. We achieved a positive impact in 2018 in various ways.

In spite of the differences between the divisions, we naturally have a lot of things that bind us. The theme of happiness at work, given a central place in our strategy in 2018, is a key binding factor. Various cross-division projects show that we roll up our sleeves to translate the pay-off Happy People Make Happy People into daily practice. We work together on initiatives to make our employees happier, to make them feel more engaged with our organisation, with optimal performance for our clients, and on that basis, to reinforce the happiness at work of our clients’ employees.

Based on its recent shift towards client excellence and operational excellence, Facilicom Group contributes significant added value to society. As one of the twenty largest employers in the Netherlands, we make the difference, both in commercial and social terms. We see that the divisions increasingly create synergies based on joint efforts, building on the focus on working together on creating an inspiring living environment for everyone. For example, regarding HR, the divisions share knowledge and experience regarding recruitment and retention of personnel. Additionally, the commercial directors work together and support each other as a team in order to reinforce our market-driven focus. For example regarding marketing automation and lead generation.

Sustainable Development Goals: this is why

Working together on an inspiring living environment for everyone; that is Facilicom Group's mission. This is why it makes perfect sense to use the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals as a guidance. There are other reasons to embrace those goals as a Dutch organisation. In a recent survey regarding the application of Sustainable Development Goals in Dutch organisations, PwC sets out no less than eleven reasons. For example, the United Nations’ Goals create a shared language in reporting on the social role of companies. In addition, the quest for solutions to the problems underlying the objectives create possibilities to market new products and services. And commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals encourages cross-sector partnerships and public-private partnerships. Moreover, this is a great opportunity for companies to take their responsibility. For Facilicom Group, the above reasons are a great incentive to get to work with the worldwide goals. We trust that many other companies will follow our lead.

In particular our commitment to health, prosperity, inclusivity, sustainability and safety, which are the central themes of Sustainable Development Goals 3, 8 and 11, are closely in line with our core activities, and with our mission to work together on an inspiring living environment for everyone. Read here how we got to work with that in 2018.

Our Sustainable Development Goals

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all

Make cities and human environments inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable