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Online meetings

The 'video call' bingo

Online meetings require a completely different approach to a live meeting. You can probably also check off a lot of squares on this “home online videocall” bingo card:

But how do you ensure that a video call runs smoothly? We have some tips!


For the host

  • Make a clear schedule
  • Ensure you have a list of participants so you can check whether everyone is present

For the participant:

  • Test in advance whether you are online and whether your sound works
  • Use (good) headphones, which prevents background noise
  • Make sure the light shines on you from the front otherwise you will become a dark shape
  • Check the background, what do you want other participants to see?
  • Dress appropriately
  • Consider the start time, so be ‘present’ five minutes in advance

During the meeting

For the host

  • At the start of the online meeting indicate how you want participants to indicate whether they want to say something
  • Always put the participants on mute to avoid outside noises
  • In case of technical problems, the host can decide to terminate and restart the program
  • You can often record the meeting, which is useful for those who may not have been able to attend the meeting.

For the participant

  • Turn off your sound when you are not talking
  • If you want to ask something let us know by - By turning on your microphone - Via the chat - With some systems you can raise your hand digitally
  • You do not stare at your phone or work on other chores (like reading emails) during the online meeting

How do you prevent participants from dropping out?

  • Start with a short round with everyone saying how they feel. For example, by having everyone give themselves a colour based on their feelings: green, orange, or red
  • Give each participants time to think before they react
  • Ask a clear question and give everyone limited speaking time (one minute)
  • Another way is to have participants complete a phrase, for example - The main concern I currently have is … - The opportunity I see is …
  • With a proposal you can let everyone give one word in response (via speech or via chat)
  • Have participants consult in groups via virtual breakout rooms (or possibly by phone)

Hoe voorkom je dat deelnemers afhaken?

  • Vote via a green, orange, or red card
  • Have then send numbers through the chat, for example “How much confidence do you have in the course at the moment?” or “How much work do you have at the moment?”
  • Provide a lot of variety in the screen. Make the most of the screen sharing feature. Nothing prevents you from making your presentation as lively as possible with graphs, schedules, and videos
  • Use the chat to keep it interactive
  • Take breaks regularly, after about 30 minutes the concentration is usually gone