Inspirational Toolbox


during crisis

Tips and Advice

The crisis is impacting everyone’s life, but how do you stay resilient today? We have tips for you as a manager.


Maintain your day and night routine and ensure a work/ life balance. Take breaks, create a quiet workplace, and walk or cycle after work to mark the transition to personal time.

Put it into perspective, relax and develop

Find out what is really important to you, keep laughing and take the time to do something different to normal.


Write down what keeps you busy, think about what your goals for the day are, limit the time you spend on COVID-19 and try to manage your stress

Look after yourself

Look after yourself as you usually would and maintain a healthy lifestyle

Contact and support

Stay in touch with family, friends and colleagues and seek support if you are struggling. Use our free confidential Employee Assistance Programme by telephoning 0800 030 5182 or by visiting

What can you do as a manager:

Take good care of yourself and lead by example

Give room for emotions, listen and acknowledge

Give clear information and still tell people if things are unclear

Rearrange tasks and teams to get work done and load balances

Indicate honestly which scenarios are possible

Within your team, create a buddy system

Provide space for reactions and questions

Keep in touch with your people and offer extra support where necessary

Offer appreciation, recognition, support, and encouragement

Evaluate certain situations and their experiences

Do not forget that you are not alone in this situation. We are all in the same boat. Discussing the situation with others ensures a shared experience, new insights, and understandings.