during crisis



During this crisis we are at home much more than we usually are. However, it’s nt always good to just sit still. Maybe you now have time to work on yourself, or improve certain skills. This will allow to you to continue to improve on what you can do or gain knowledge on new skills. Free training is available for every Facilicom UK & Ireland employee via the online training platform, using for instance GoodHabitz.

View the complete overview of training courses on the GoodHabitz website here.

Do you want to follow a training? Log in to the Learning Management System (LMS). If you click on my E-learning you will find the GoodHabitz training courses. Good luck!


Long live the leader! This training is for anyone who wants to inspire, influence positively or work with the seven qualities of effective leadership complied by Stephen R. Covey. In this training your critically examine your own leadership qualities and investigate in which areas you can still improve yourself.

Working together online. How do you work efficiently online? How do you ensure collegiality and involvement? Discover in the training ‘Working together online’

Vitality. The training is for everyone who wants to get the most out of their life and wants to prevent or reduce stress. In this training we therefore zoom in on our own body. You get started with healthy eating, sleeping better, and exercising more because those three areas lead to an upward spiral.

Mindfulness. Worry less, reduce stress, become productive and improve relationships. Live with attention … and enjoy the moment. That is mindfulness. Is that something for you?