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during crisis

Vlogs from Colleagues

Several colleagues have produced a personal message for you. In a short vlog, they talk about how their work has changed in the recent weeks, whether they are worried during this time, and give useful tips and advice. Do you want to tell us about your work during this period in a vlog or would you like to see a certain topic reflected in a vlog? Please let us know at

Vlog Richard Webster

– Head of Sales at Trigion Security Services

Vlog Dave Bonci

– Operations Director

Vlog Adrian Farrow

– National BDM

Vlog Lisa Sheppard

– Director of Development

Vlog Sean Titheridge

– Operations Director

Vlog Lucy Lott

– Sales & Marketing Director

Vlog Donna-Marie Bryant

– Technical services delivery manager

Vlog Nigel Scully

– Accountant