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during crisis

Working from home

Most colleagues work at home as much as possible during this crisis. A good workplace and working posture are important to prevent physical complaints. That is why it is useful to know what you can to do to organise your home workstation as healthily as possible, and what resources you can use for this. We would therefore like to provide you with several tips and tricks to help you with this.



to work from home

1. Get dressed as you would to go to work

When you put on your clothes that you normally wear to work, you create the same feeling for yourself as when you go to work, and you enter the relevant mind-set.

2. Ensure you have a good workspace

Create a space for yourself that you will associate with work.

3. Maintain your work routine as much as possible

Stick to your regular working hours as much as possible.

4. Ensure you have enough breaks between your work

Create moments that provide relaxation between work schedules/calls.

5. Try to avoid distractions from home as much as possible

Try to avoid all external distractions, make a to-do list to maintain focus, and make arrangements with people you live with and especially children for when they are allowed to disturb you.

6. Make a call with earphones or a headset

Headsets or earphones are useful if you are on the phone a lot, especially as you will know where the mute button is so that you can use it when there are a lot of outside noises.

7. Exercises to keep fit at home

For example, participate in the Pilates sessions we run at our head office. Since Covid19 these have been offerted via Zoom. Or take other online classes or create a training session yourself.

A good working posture


A Hips slightly higher than your knees. B Sit at the back of the chair and adjust the depth. C Curvature of the backrest should match the curvature of your back. Head upright in line with your spine. D Forearm to your upper arm at an angle of 90*


E Desk height equal to armrest


F Arm length between eyes and screen Top edge of the screen at eye level G Keyboard about 20cm from the edge of the desk Mouse right next to the keyboard