the working from home service for healthy and productive employees

The launch was even reported in the dutch media: Facilicom expands facility service provision to the home workplace. Great news, but also a logical development that is entirely consistent with the current situation. With Facilicom@Home, we respond to all needs an employee could have in the working from home situation. With the broad package of services that we literally have ‘in-house’, we create workplaces that are responsible, productive and comfortable. A number of examples:

  • An ergonomic workplace
  • The right equipment
  • High quality connectivity
  • Personal support for mental and physical fitness
  • Cleaning and hygiene
  • Security of data, equipment and the home
  • Couriers’ box (secure, heated and/or cooled)

And soon, many more (virtual) services and products for home workers will become available, with the Happy@Home label. We therefore see a workplace at home as more than furniture alone. But what is the ideal home workplace?

Ergonomics and loneliness, for example, are both points for attention. In time, poor posture while seated, for instance at the dining room table, has an impact on neck and back complaints. If an employee works from home, the same occupational health and safety standards apply there as at the office. And we know from research that if the home office is not well-equipped and facilitated, the productivity of employees falls. People who also miss their contacts with clients, colleagues and their employer will see that reflected in mental discomfort or other problems.

"It is the home environment that determines what is needed in order to work as effectively as possible. This is why we focus on every person and on individual needs."

Where do you start as an employer?

Working from home. Once, the prerogative of a privileged few. Today, it is a necessity for many. As a result, attention to the importance of a good workplace is growing. The needs of employees are changing. New functionalities and innovative technologies increasingly facilitate home workers. But as an employer, where do you start if you also want to provide the best support for your people when they are working from home? The answer is here, in this e-zine.

Did you know that ...

  • Both sceptics and fervent workers from home seem to perceive the benefits of a home office. A striking figure from a recent study by Leesman into the effectiveness of the workplace (2020): 77.5% believe that you can work productively from home. Compare that with the figure for the office environment: just 62.8%!
  • Working from home has a different mental and physical impact. According to research by the CNV trade union federation, two out of every five home workers have complaints such as neck pain and back complaints.
  • People are naturally social animals who prefer to work in groups. Virtual contacts only partially meet social needs. We also hear increasingly frequently that the change of work/working environment leads to stress and burn-out among employees. The sense of loneliness among those who work from home is another symptom of this.
  • The employer is legally responsible for the health and safety of employees regarding all aspects relating to the work.