Service from monitor to the home

Facilicom@Home is a digital work from home service to unburden employees. Not only can Facilicom@Home be deployed flexibly, but the version can also be adapted to the employer’s requirements: as-a-service or as a white label, with your own company name. How does that work?

Personal allowance

As an employer, you make a voucher available to every employee for the amount that he or she can spend on a workplace at home. In that way, your employee has freedom of choice and you keep control of the costs. Then everyone can provide for a productive and healthy working environment within the Facilicom@Home platform. Naturally, individual needs take precedence: your people can count on the personal guidance of our own facility experts. If an employee logs on to the platform, he or she is guided step by step in making the right choices within the disposable amount. Is someone currently experiencing physical complaints? Then we consider the right ergonomic desk or chair with them. Is the network constantly interrupting video calls? We take that into account too. Or is the employee facing personal challenges with distance working? A personal consultation with a Work from Home coach can then be the solution. In this way, we do everything possible to enable employees to work from home in a healthy, productive and enjoyable way. With this, the investment pays for itself.

Ordering process

Have the right resources been selected and ordered? Then we make an appointment with the employee for the complete layout and installation at their home. We provide everything. The employee has no need to worry about anything, apart from possibly organising a cup of coffee for the engineer. The placement process also includes personal advice on an ergonomically sound sitting position and optimal use of resources. Once our engineers are done, your employees can start work. And are there still any questions after delivery? Then our support staff are available by telephone and email to answer every question.

Maximum return on investment

Productive, healthy and engaged employees pay for themselves. This is why we offer freedom of choice from our range and guide employees in making the right selection. We also monitor productivity, job satisfaction, vitality and engagement at several measuring points: a benchmark at the start, a measurement after the order and a measurement after three months of use. The platform shows transparently that Facilicom@Home is a good investment.

The advantages of our Work from Home service

  • The right guidance in compiling work from home support
  • A simple (online) ordering process
  • A complete service at home: delivery, assembly and (if necessary) advice, all in one.
  • An investment that pays for itself in terms of productive, healthy and engaged employees
  • Monitoring productivity, job satisfaction and vitality