A home workplace is more than furniture alone

A good working climate is more than high quality furniture. It is more important to look at that workplace as a whole, from all points of view that can increase working satisfaction. It starts with a comfortable office chair and a seated/standing desk at the right height, but it does not end there. Good connectivity supports work from home. Through a connection to the organisation, employees remain involved and through guidance on mental and physical health, we are ready for the ‘person behind the home workplace’.

The ideal home workplace

As an employer, you provide for an ergonomic workplace at the office. You have the same obligation for the workplace at home. The ideal workplace varies from one employee to another. Factors that play a role include the job, the work to be performed or the person themselves. That is no different at home. And there is another important aspect: the available space in the home (or the lack of it). Some employees live in apartments with limited space, while other have a study room available. This is why every home workplace requires a customised design. This is responsible customisation: physical complaints play a large role in sickness absences at companies. Creating an ergonomic workplace is essential and saves costs in the long term. ‘Physiotherapists are seeing a sharp risk in the number of complaints among home workers’, the Dutch broadcaster NOS reported earlier.

The ideal workplace consists of:

  • A good office chair
  • A seated or standing desk, appropriate for the working environment and the job
  • The monitor at the correct height and distance
  • The right working accessories (such as a webcam or noise-cancelling headset)
"A workplace designed for the space, the job and the person? Facilicom@Home arranges it."

Home cleaner

A clean working environment and a hygienic home have a positive impact on productivity and job satisfaction. High quality and reliable cleaners are not easy to find. With Facilicom@Home, the cleaning staff of Gom now simply come to your home. With the same quality standards as ‘at work’. Gom operates nationally, so there will also be a cleaner who works near to an employee who works from home.

Safety at home

With Facilicom@Home, you can have an alarm installed at home. If there is any trouble, an alarm is immediately sent to the alarm service centre and the mobile surveillance will set out to check the situation. In this way, staff who work from home can always feel safe. If employees do not feel completely safe at home, we can also advise on this. Trigion also shares its knowledge of security in business working environments if that working environment happens to be at home. Digital security is not assured at home, while critical data is used by home computers and other devices. With Facilicom@Home, you, as an employer, can optimise the security level at home. Our advice is practical and solutions are affordable.

No more running to the door with a couriers box

Working from home and occasionally having to answer the door because a courier calls is not efficient, particularly if the home workplace is on the top floor or if an employee is in the middle of a video call. The simple solution: a smart-and-secure box, a couriers box that is installed outside the home. As a home owner, you can control access securely from a distance. There is also a premium version of the box, with possibilities for cooling and heating. Useful if Food&i deliver a fresh meal.

The advantages

If you opt for Facilicom@Home, then correct design of the workplace is not the only advantage. Our engineers are also telecom experts. Do you need to check the Wi-Fi to be sure that the speed is high enough? A wireless device or an extra wired Wi-Fi point can be connected up to 20 metres away from the modem (using UTP cabling). Our engineers will check all Wi-Fi installations, both on the modem and at the workplace. In that way, every employee can be sure of maximum (and fast) connectivity in their own home. So have we at Facilicom also suddenly telecom specialists? No, but we know the right partners to work with: Guidion. This organisation has provided services for consumers at home for years, to the satisfaction of well-known brands such as T-Mobile and KPN.

Working from home also has an impact on mental health. Facilicom@Home has a solution for that too!