Facilicom@Home, at home while at work

Creating a workplace at home always involves a custom service. That custom service is also embedded in the Facilicom@Home concept. You can use the service on a modular basis, with a choice of three versions. With the first, the emphasis lies on working ergonomically and productively, while Premium makes the workplace at home more comfortable and luxurious. Check here which of the three versions suits your business.

The expanded version of Happy@Home will follow later in 2021: a complete programme (from a chore-free home, fresh and healthy food and drink 24/7, safety at home, tiny office as-a-service in your garden) in order to optimise the job and living satisfaction of employees. We have expertise in the legal consequences. We are clear about the financial settlement.

Our consultants - and yes, they work from home too - will start open and honest talks with you.

What does the hybrid working model look like?

  • What is the business situation?
  • How do we translate this into an ideal workplace at home?
  • How can we match the home workplace to the workplace at the office or another location as effectively as possible?
  • And what will the function of the office become?

Have there been opportunities, risks or temporary inconveniences in recent months? Which return do you want for the organisation? Which lessons learned will be turned into new opportunities? As consultants, we also act as a sounding board for ideas on ‘hybrid-based working’, the new way of working that is not tied to any location at all. That advice clarifies matters. It primarily provides a guide to responding effectively to the changes in working situations. Make the office more productive. With the right workplace at home!